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The global pandemic thrust remote learning into the limelight providing millions with the opportunity to continue their education and professional development outside of the classroom.

Since then, online learning has continued to flourish providing opportunities for those who want to unlock new skills and knowledge wherever they are based.

Here, we’ll discuss the seven major benefits of online learning so you can determine whether it’s the best option for you and your career.

Seven reasons why online learning is great for your career

1. Convenience

One of the most significant advantages of online learning is its convenience. Gone are the days when education was confined to between four walls. With online learning, the classroom comes to you! Now, all you need is access to a laptop or smartphone, and you’re instantly connected to a whole new world of learning. It’s not necessary to relocate or travel to gain a qualification or access a course. All can be done online from the comfort of your home or office.

“Having spent most of my university life studying remotely because of the pandemic, I felt very comfortable learning online. I researched different providers but kept returning to Reed Learning,” explains Maddy, who after achieving her CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma with Reed Learning is now enrolled with us for her CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management.

2. Flexibility

If you want to study at your own pace and in your own time, online learning allows you the flexibility to do just that. There’s no need to put your job, family life or personal interests on hold. Unlike in-person classes which require sticking to a rigid schedule, online learning allows you to balance your studies with your other commitments at a time of your choosing.

3. Personalised learning experience

Studying online allows for a more personalised learning experience. Not only can you choose when and where you learn but you can also choose how you learn. Whether it’s online webinars, videos, podcasts, interactive modules or reading materials, simply select the format which best suits your learning style.

“I enjoy digging for information. Once I have read an interesting piece of research, I start reading more about the topic. Reed Learning’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is great for this. It's like a small library with everything in one place,” says Izabella, who completed her CIPD Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management with us in just 11 months.

4. Gain technical skills

Online learning has come along way since the unwieldy online conference tools of a decade ago. Learning platforms today enable full interaction between tutors and students as well as providing break out rooms for group activities and networking. These coupled with online discussion boards, messaging apps and email for soliciting feedback, make it possible for everyone to participate fully in online classes with the added advantage of improving your technical skills along the way!

5. Apply your course work to your current role

One of the key benefits of online learning for professionals is being able to directly apply your coursework to your current role, especially if you’re upskilling and want to stay in your current industry. CIPD and CMI qualifications are designed to support people to be more effective in their jobs and what you learn from your tutor, course materials and assignments can often align with your everyday tasks at work.

6. Value for money

The cost of learning digitally varies but usually such courses offer a more cost-effective way to pursue your professional development. Not only do you save on travel costs or the need to take a career break to study full-time, but online programmes often provide a value for money option if you are watching the pounds. At Reed Learning, for example, our 100% online learning options cost less than our webinar or classroom courses which include more personalised tuition. Your employer may also be willing to pay for your tuition if your course aligns with your current or future responsibilities at work. Research by the CMI suggests that managers who become Chartered gain an average pay rise of £13,000 so it’s true to say that a professional qualification will both boost your skills and your pay check.

7. Advance your career

Want to upskill in your current role or take the next step in your career? Then, studying online is the perfect way to pursue your professional development while still working. Your new skills will soon grab the attention of your manager or a recruiter. And when you study online, you also sharpen your ability to work independently, which is a valued skills among employers.

“I wanted a flexible independent learning programme that would allow me the freedom to manage the work at my own pace while offering the support of a personal tutor,” says Lily, whose successful completion of a CIPD Associate Diploma in People Management with Reed Learning led to promotion.

Last word

If the benefits of online learning make sense to you and you want to improve your career prospects in management or HR, then get in touch with one of our specialist team today to talk through the options. Professional courses such as CMI or CIPD qualifications can be achieved in as little as six months providing a quick and cost-effective way to advance your career.

Speak to us if you’d like some guidance on the most appropriate qualification for you.