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It’s worth remembering the benefits that combining work and study can bring. Putting theory into practice daily consolidates your learning, particularly when dealing with financial topics. But it’s not just that – you can take your experiences of working life in a financial environment and use them to your advantage within the classroom.

Residential courses

Studying on a residential course allows you to focus on your qualifications without the distractions of home. Being on-site offers the advantage of no commute, plus having your meals provided frees up time to complete assignments and get to grips with challenging topics.

You have access to immediate support from tutors on a residential course. The impact of this sees tricky subjects tackled quickly without having to spend hours waiting for an emailed reply, as sometimes happens on a distance learning course, or having to wait until your next class.

The right environment

A relaxing venue with meals provided and comfortable, clean living accommodations sets the scene for productive study sessions. A supportive environment such as this is vital if you’re to reap all the benefits of being away from work.

Not a luxury, it’s an investment in your future success, and the base on which you can build a career. Residential study venues often include ‘top-up’ courses or one-day revision workshops that focus on complex subjects, or areas of the course content that have proven troublesome for large numbers of students.

Although studying at a local college or taking a distance learning course can be extremely beneficial, and potentially more cost-effective in the short-term, when compared with the supportive training environment and motivation provided on a residential course, it is a false economy when you think about your long-term career.

Distraction-free study

In a nutshell, what are the aspects of residential study that could have the most impact on your success?

  • No distractions: topics are absorbed more effectively, and you can focus on the task at hand

  • A relaxing and inspiring environment with space to think clearly

  • Time to evaluate what you are learning, and be able to put it into practice on returning to work

  • Being able to network with peers and tutors on a professional basis

  • Access to evening study facilities

Whether you’re cramming for an imminent exam, or embarking on your first financial qualification, getting away from it all on a residential training course can boost motivation as well as brain power. It’s an investment in your future, and an effective way to get to the top quickly.