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Kiran Herkanaidu
Job Title
Business Development Manager
Reed Screening

Find out more about Kiran’s journey from a Reed intern to business development manager (BDM) within our employee vetting company, Reed Screening...

What motivated you to join Reed?

I was immediately drawn to the distinct reputation of Reed, especially the charitable work and family values. The latter of which was demonstrated throughout my application and interview process, as the culture of the people was incredible. I had heard of Reed before from the job board but had no idea how large the organisation was and how much it does for the employment sector.

How did you go from being an intern to where you are now?

I have been blessed with opportunity since starting my career at Reed in 2013 on the internship scheme. I have had an incredible variety and wealth of experiences within the organisation. We I was first hired I was in a compliance/resourcing role for our engineering recruitment division which gave me a full education of the hiring and onboarding process.

I then moved into our central support services and was based in central London as a policy and compliance executive. The role was initially maternity cover, but I was kept on in the position for three years. As part of the job, I travelled internationally, conducting investigations, reviewing contractual agreements and managing data and compliance policies for Reed.

Following the pursuit of a new challenge, I was afforded the chance to take the first-ever business development executive role for Reed Screening. In the role, I worked with Director Keith Rosser, to create a portfolio of products and bring Reed’s screening solution to market.

Our successes resulted in my move into a business development manager position within Reed Talent Solutions, where I was managing complex recruitment solutions for central government and public sector.

Two years later, I was given the opportunity to return to Reed Screening in a business development manager role – it was as though I had gone full circle and was a great opportunity for personal and professional growth. In the role, I hit my first million-pound milestone of net income generated in a year. Beyond this fantastic achievement, I was then given a promotion and the opportunity to head up our sales side of Reed Screening, managing a team of business development executives.

Kiran (right) with colleagues supporting the Better Hiring Institute at the UK Houses of Parliament.

Kiran (right) with colleagues supporting the Better Hiring Institute at the UK Houses of Parliament.

How has your career evolved over time, and what do you enjoy most about your current role?

From intern to business development manager and managing a team of sales professionals, my career has evolved beyond my wildest dreams with Reed. Never could I have imagined that a 12-week internship would lead me to where I am almost 11 years later. My current role allows me to nurture and coach talented individuals whilst also supporting large strategic organisations in navigating the world of employment vetting and protecting their business using Reed Screening.

What do you think makes Reed unique and why should someone consider working here?

The culture is so unique. We are solutions focused meaning that we are always looking to support companies and candidates with the best outcome in a transparent manner.

The training offered to co-members by our learning and development teams is exceptional, which fundamentally starts the great journey of working with Reed. Not only is the training great, but you are surrounded by people with years and years of experience - our employee retention is incredible.

What advice would you give someone just starting out in their career?

Embrace every challenge and opportunity, as someone who started in a central support function to now managing a corporate sales team, there is so much you can achieve with Reed!

What’s next for you?

Expansion of the Reed Screening client portfolio, working with and growing the sales team to support in the great successes!