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Caring for our planet

From planting trees to keeping bees, we have a range of initiatives to help protect the environment.

How we look after our planet

Championing the environment 

Improving lives through work includes improving our environment too. We aim to be champions of the environment by reducing our emissions, minimising waste, supporting ecology and biodiversity, and developing sustainable skills and training.

Supporting carbon neutral travel 

The Reed Travel Hierarchy allows us to make better decisions about when and how we travel to and from work, while our cycle to work and electric vehicle schemes help us reduce our carbon emissions while doing so.

Creating energy-efficient offices  

We’re working hard to make all our offices more carbon efficient by using LED lighting, moving to renewable energy tariffs in the offices that we own, and offsetting our carbon emissions through The Carbon Neutral Company.

Minimising waste  

Using the ‘reuse, reduce, recycle’ philosophy, we’re able to reduce the amount of waste we produce through on-site recycling services, computer recycling, and through our Digital Workplace initiative which allows us to limit how much we print.

Supporting ecology and biodiversity  

In addition to reducing our paper consumption, we also make use of our land to support the ecosystem. To date, we’ve planted 70,000 trees in Wiltshire and look after nine million bees across our properties.