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What to expect

At Reed, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading learning and development provisions.

Our vision is to ensure that every co-member maximises their potential personally and professionally through our bespoke and blended learning solutions.

We understand that everyone is unique, so we have created programmes, workshops, and resources, to suit everyone’s individual requirements.

Our learning and development teams strive to embrace the latest technology and deliver a large amount of our training online. However, we also understand the benefits of face-to-face training and have comprehensive in-the-flesh training programmes and courses for a wide variety of topics.

Our dedicated trainers are on hand to support our co-members and offer a blended approach to learning and personal development.

Range of jobs within expertise

With decades of experience in the recruitment industry, Reed has a variety of roles and career opportunities such as…

  • L&D business partners

  • Trainer

  • Digital Learning specialist

  • Learning coordinators

  • Management trainers

  • Development managers