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What to expect

Working in a vibrant finance and operations team that drives operational success and growth is an exhilarating experience filled with dynamic challenges and rewarding accomplishments.

Within our finance and operation teams you can expect to have a career full of variety. From business partnering, planning, analysis and more – the decisions you help to make, and the projects you will work on, directly impact the shape and success of our business.

At Reed we have a culture where collaboration, excellence, and continuous learning are not just encouraged but embraced, fostering a sense of camaraderie and achievement as we work towards common goals. Our finance and operations teams are based across the UK. Working for Reed you have a platform to leverage your skills, drive meaningful change and contribute to the overall success of our companies.

Range of jobs within expertise

With decades of experience in the recruitment industry, Reed has a variety of roles and career opportunities such as…

  • Commercial business partner

  • Financial reporting

  • Finance director

  • Business analyst

  • Treasury assistant

  • Management information