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26 June 2018

The Tech She Can Charter is key to breaking down industry stereotypes and barriers to employment for women in the UK workforce. Businesses need to work together to highlight that technology is an industry for both men and women, and this starts with informing school-age children of their options.

An open mindset and a willingness to embrace continual change; technology is now driving business and our everyday life and this will only accelerate. Whilst some technology disciplines may require more analytical thinking and problem solving (such as software development), soft skill like communication and relationship building skills should not be underestimated.

IT functions are no longer a reactive support service who just fix things when they go wrong, they have a seat on the board and drive business’ forward offering solutions to ensure they stay ahead of their competitors so candidates need to also be able to show they are proactive problem-solvers.

It will take time to build the momentum required in the education system to ensure we have a balanced workforce, but we are moving in the right direction and believe we will get there eventually. Perceptions of the industry play a big role in how young women see Technology and so we must all work together to break down misconceptions and prejudices. We must show the world that anyone with the right mind-set, regardless of their gender or background can carve a career in what we believe to be the most exciting industry in the world today.