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22nd Oct, 2021

Claire Bacon
Claire Bacon
Job Title
Head of Employer Brand

Who are Reed Franchise Partnerships?

Starting a new job after you’ve been made redundant can feel daunting in any situation. Add into the mix that not only are you about to start at a new company mid pandemic, but you are also about to launch a new concept – a first in the company’s 60+ year history.

That didn’t put Rob Barklamb off as he joined business to set up Reed Franchise Partnerships, in-fact he would go as far to say that “Reed has improved my life. I have seldom if ever been happier at work and felt more at home in a working culture.”

Reed has improved my life. I have seldom if ever been happier at work and felt more at home in a working culture.

Franchising allows opportunities for exponential growth in an economically attractive way, it encapsulates our purpose (improving lives through work) at speed and on a global scale. In simple terms, franchising is a relationship between Reed and individuals (who have their own company) whereby we provide them with the Reed brand and a comprehensive suite of products and services to help them grow a successful business.

We caught up with Rob now he has pushed beyond his first year with Reed to find out how he’s settled in and what the future holds for RFP (Reed Franchise Partnerships).

How have you settled in here at Reed?

I think so many cultures in recruitment are characterised by aggression, even a nastiness. People at Reed are driven and competitive. I find it a civilised, professional environment, an incredibly pleasant place to work.

My role means I work with colleagues across Finance, Legal, IT, Marketing, HR, L&D and the operational teams and I’m constantly delighted about how collaborative, energetic, and helpful people are.

The culture is inclusive, and less status driven than many others. I think it manifests itself in how people make themselves available – “we’re in this together, of course I will help”.

In my role with Reed Franchise Partnerships, we partner with entrepreneurs who want to set up their own recruitment businesses. As such, I get the chance to help them realise their goals and improve their lives through working with us.

In the last year we have set up an operation in a new market, Singapore. The best is still to come – I would love it that the impact I have is to play an important role in helping to set up a large, successful partnership of international offices, supporting our mission of improving lives through work widely.

Reed Franchise Partnerships are up and running in Singapore and we’re almost at that stage in Switzerland. We are in the process of setting up our operation in the USA, then it is France, the Netherlands, Canada and Australia and beyond.

We will be looking to grow the team in the New Year, from systems gurus to Relationship Managers And in the future growing out our team.

Our offering continues to evolve and we are excited for the journey with our partners.