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17 November 2020

Our Customer Success team at are some of the individuals at the forefront of such improvements, working directly with valued customers to help them achieve optimal outcomes from their investments with us.

Interested in joining us? We currently have a vacancy for a Customer Success Executive – just click the button to learn more.

What is Customer Success?

Customer Success is about working with customers to ensure they achieve the best Return on Investment (ROI) when utilising a paid-for service.

For our own Customer Success team at, headed up by Wesley Hendriks (see video), this means ensuring our Customers maximise their reach, job applications and course sign-ups, depending on which products and services they are utilising.

Meet the Team

Watch the video below to hear from a selection of Co-Members in the Customer Success team as they talk about what they love about working in Customer Success at

What’s the Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Success?

Most people are familiar with Customer Service roles that exist across most industries; where individual responsibilities include serving the needs of the customer, responding to requests or complaints, for example.

Customer Success takes that one step beyond by being proactive with customers (businesses / organisations / individuals) and helping them create strategies to see them succeed while using your company’s product or services.

Customer Success roles involve proactive solutions for customers – not just reactive.

What is the role of a Customer Success Manager?

The role of a Customer Success Manager is to ensure business clients achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) when using your company’s services or products.

They manage relationships with key stakeholders from the customer’s organisation and work with them to deliver mutually beneficial solutions.

Working with customers to optimise results against their business goals is not just the ethical thing to do as a business, but it also benefits your own organisation and brand reputation in the long run as great service, in turn, develops customer loyalty and leads to further client referrals / business.

Download an example Customer Success Manager Job Description here for more detailed insights on the specific responsibilities of the role.

What do you need to be successful?

Customer Success is about delivering results for clients.

Simply put, in order to be successful in the role you need to be:

  • Passionate about helping others achieve their goals (clients and colleagues)

  • Organised (project management)

  • A strong relationship-builder

Join the Team

Visit our careers pages for Customer Success and Sales for further information about working in operations at

For all current vacancies at Reed Online and the wider REED group head to our jobs page.