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11 May 2020

So what is the new site for and how can you use it..?

Customer Experience Officer, Jennifer May, shares more detail in how the site came to be.

What is the purpose of and how will it help our audience? is the gateway to Reed's stories and services, for our Business to Business Customers.

The site will help our Customers by simplifying our offering under one roof, making it easier to find the right person or service.

For those who are looking to work at Reed, should provide a window into our culture, and the scale of opportunities we have across Reed, based on the diverse aspects of our Group.

What additional features can users expect to find?

Through, our customers could recruit someone, advertise a job or search CV’s, outsource their recruitment process, screen someone, market their course, speak to experts in project delivery, IT and professional coaching or, support people in their community.

How does it make navigating the Reed Group easier?

It’s about making access to our diverse offerings simple, accessible and fast. This will be the first time we have a simple navigation journey that covers all aspects of the REED Group.

What will the new website tell users, that they may have not known before?

What the Reed Group does beyond business – we care deeply about our social impact, and are proud to focus on how we can provide meaningful employment for everyone, the way we give back to communities and how we do our bit to look after the planet.

Why would someone visit

To speak to someone about their talent/recruitment problems and opportunities

To find out more about Reed through the stories of our people and customers

Reed has been in business for 60 years, why now?

As our offerings have developed, it’s important we find ways to communicate what we do, simply. Our digital presence is so important to our Customers’ futures, so we just want to be where they need us to be.

What can we expect to see on the site in the future?

That’s telling! We have some exciting ideas that could develop the site, although we will be driven by how people use, and what they tell us could improve the site. We want to make it work for our customers, that’s the priority.

We have a very diverse offering, which most of our customers don’t yet know about. gives us an opportunity to share with our customers everything we can do to help them.

James Reed