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27th Dec, 2018

Claire Bacon
Claire Bacon
Job Title
Head of Employer Brand

After graduating from University, I had planned to go travelling, but I needed a temporary position in the meantime before I went. I came across the REED Internship scheme - a structured 12 week program giving the opportunity to gain hands-on, professional experience. I reflect on my time at REED really positively and wanted to share my experience.

Whether you're interested in pursuing a career in recruitment or not, its likely that out of the 21+ sectors that REED recruit for, one will strike a chord with you - for me, that was Marketing & Creative.

My internship gave me the opportunity to network at various levels throughout the business. I really enjoyed speaking to candidates and clients to understand the breadth of roles within the Marketing industry.

There are so many opportunities to network with colleagues, other than your immediate team members. I recently attended an Early Talent social event which was a fabulous meal. We had the chance to discuss different and shared experiences of all the "Early Talent" offerings from REED.

It hasn't all been work work work; it's really important to build relationships with your team outside of the office too. My team organised an evening out to an escape room to celebrate hitting our quarterly budget. It was great fun and great to be recognised by the business.

Charity is really present at REED. My role was based in one of our mega site offices which includes several divisions. We work together to raise money for charities with quizzes, bake sales and games etc.

From day one, my manager gave me the opportunity to work on aspects of the Internship that really helped my long-term career aspirations. I was encouraged and guided to put my own stamp on marketing plans, as well as accompanying consultants on client visits. The supportive network and encouragement I've received from my colleagues has made my personal ambition and confidence grow. I feel taking on new opportunities in recruitment is now much more attainable, and that I got a real feel for working in the industry in a short space of time.

I had ample opportunity to review my progress with my manager and we would often have one-to-one meetings to discuss current and future projects. I gained experience of working to targets and learnt how to achieve my work in both the short and long term. I found these meetings with my manager a really positive way to further build our relationship, gain feedback on my work and to give feedback to my manager too.

How do I sum up my Internship experience at Reed?.....Invaluable.

I have learnt so much in my time at REED and above all else... Enjoyable. I would urge anyone considering an Internship to get in touch with the Early Talent team to find out your closest vacancy. Get ready to #StartAtREED...

Don't just take my word for it - we have been voted as the top recruitment business to work for in the UK on Glassdoor.