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24 April 2020

Whether you work for REED, are a client, customer or candidate, or just someone who wants to support the cause, then get involved by donating and /or by posting your own pictures using the hashtag #DressUpFriday.

The campaign so far has been led by Laura Thompson (Reed Newcastle) and James Tilly (Reed Teeside), who hasn’t seen his wife in three weeks as she works as a front line medic.

In a blog on LinkedIN titled ‘Wear Your Happy – Dress Up Friday!’, Laura proposes we all make an effort on Fridays to dress up so that we can raise spirits of colleagues, in turn raising productivity, while also giving ourselves some sense of structure and feeling good.

Friday – A Day for Giving

Charitable giving is nothing new at REED. Across the business there are always individuals or offices raising money for one good cause or another. In recent years it has become a tradition for many of our teams to raise money each / every few weeks on a Friday through dressing down.

Throughout Reed Specialist Recruitment, our Co-Members dress formally for work on most days, and so dress-down Fridays became a great opportunity for our Co-Members to express themselves, have fun and raise money for good causes.

As a business, 18% of REED is owned by the Reed Foundation, which has a rich history of philanthropic activities and seed funding for both domestic and international charities. Its founder, Sir Alec Reed, also launched the Big Give, which is currently running a match-funding campaign for the National Emergencies Trust.

Dress Up Friday – Get Involved!

Donate Now (via Just Giving)

Dress Up and Post on Social Media Using #DressUpFriday.