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For seven years Reema has worked as a specialist recruiter in Reed’s scientific division in Oxfordshire.

Reema predominately recruits for biotechnology (therapeutics) roles; a fast-paced, high-demand sector. She most commonly recruits laboratory technicians, research and development scientists/senior scientists, chemists/biologists, quality assurance officers/managers, technical managers and technical support staff.

Reema finds her work rewarding and interesting because of the sector’s dynamic and versatile nature. She enjoys developing her knowledge of this field and loves that science attracts and brings together people from all over the world. She says: “There is a great deal of diversity at all levels within this industry which I believe contributes to the innovation. And, on a personal level, working in this field has allowed me to develop some invaluable skills for which I’m very grateful.”

Predominately Reema is experienced in recruiting for biotechnology (therapeutics) a fast-paced, high-demand sector.